Our visitor from Halifax

This week, we were visited by Lucinda from Halifax bank. She came in to talk to us about how we can save money and how banks can help us. She read us a great story all about a boy who did not have enough money to buy a crocodile. We talked about activities that we could do that do not cost lots of money and then worked on our own to count money. We then finished by thinking about how money can make us feel.

We really enjoyed having Lucinda in our classes and she was impressed by how much we already knew about adding amounts.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm trip

We have had a fantastic week getting hands on with animals. We went to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm to learn all about animal habitats, grouping animals and naming them. We were lucky enough to see the tigers being fed, we fed the sheep and goats and got to touch a snake and hold a cockroach! It was so tickly!

This experience has enabled us to learn much more about our topic and allowed us to see the animals first hand.

Thank you to all the parents that came as without them trips like this would not be possible. Take a look at some of the pictures from our fantastic day out.

Woodlouse choice chamber

This week we have had an exciting week when we started our topic. We started to learn about animals and where they live, learning the word ‘habitat’. To help us think about habitats and why animals live there, we went into the conservation area to find woodlice. We didn’t find any in the trees because they like cold, damp and dark places so we found them under rocks and logs.

When we found some woodlice, we investigated their habitat. As a class, we made a choice chamber to see where the woodlice prefer to be. Using a box, we created a light and dark side and a wet and dry side. We predicted that the woodlice would prefer the wet and dark side based on where we found them.

When we put the woodlice in the box, some of them went to the light and wet but most of them went to the wet and dark side, showing that they prefer dark and damp habitats. We had lots of fun and made sure we put the woodlice back in the correct habitat.


Our Topic this term is ‘What events have changed our world?’

We have been learning all about the 1969 Moon landing. This week, we worked together as a class to create a list of interesting and thought-provoking questions about Neil Armstrong and his space mission. Then, we used an iPad to conduct research to find out the answers.

Astronaut and alien day!

Last week, we started our new class book, ‘Man on the Moon’ by Simon Bartram.  To help immerse the children in the text we had an ‘astronaut and alien’ day. We all came to school dressed up as scary aliens and brave astronauts (even the teachers) and took part in space-themed activities throughout the day.  The highlight for most of the children was baking special moon cakes! They were delicious! Thank you to all the parents who helped design and create a space costume, they were truly incredible!