What’s in your bin?

Our topic this term is ‘What’s in your bin?’

We have been learning about recycling and different materials such as glass, paper, metal and plastic. As part of our homework last week we had to work with a member of our family to design and create a 3D model using rubbish found in our bins.

The children produced some fantastic 3D models and these have been added to our display in the lower hall. Why not come and take a look?




World Book Day!

As part of World Book Day, we have been reading ‘Beware of the Bears!’ by Alan MacDonald. In this story, the three Bears are tired of Goldilocks and her antics, so they decide to teach her a lesson. After discovering where she lives, they go into her house. Mummy and Daddy Bear tango on the table, while Baby Bear splatters cereal all over the kitchen! From room to room, the Bears take their revenge. Until Goldilocks enters, and reveals a disturbing surprise – this isn’t her house!

We have really enjoyed reading this book and some of us decided to dress up as characters from the book for World Book Day.

What do you think of our amazing costumes? Why not leave a comment!


Fairies at TMHP!

Over the weekend, our caretaker noticed some unusual activity in the Conservation Area. He was particularly busy on Monday morning and asked Year 2 to go and check it out!  To our amazement, real life fairies had visited our school and had left small gifts and clues for us to find. It was incredibly exciting! Some of us even saw a fairy door and a ladder on one of the trees! Afterwards, the children created their own fairies using old fashioned wooden clothes pegs and different types of material.

What do you think of our fairies?

Early Bird Reading in Key Stage 1

Every Friday, parents are invited in early to come and read with their children. Together, they can read comics, word cards, books and puzzles while learning top tips to help them. As a special thank you to the children, they get to have a biscuit and juice just to make it a little more special.

Today was our first Early Bird Reading and what a great turn out. Lots of parents came and enjoyed reading  with their children.

We look forward to seeing you all next week!

DSCN0972 DSCN0973 DSCN0975 DSCN0974

Apostrophes for possession

In Phonics, we’ve been learning about how to use apostrophes. Today, we learnt how to use them to show that something belongs to someone. We worked in pairs to write and label things that belonged to our friends. Have we used the apostrophe in the correct place?

DSCN0984 DSCN0980 DSCN0982