This term, as part of our Design and Technology focus, we have been making castles. Last term, we learnt about the history of castles and then used what we learnt to design a castle. In groups, we made each part and then combined them to make a castle. The draw bridge moves using a moving part and the walls were made by measuring and cutting wood using saws.

Take a look at our finished work. We are so pleased with what we created in groups.

Dragons found at TMHP!

What an exciting day today! We went for a walk in the conservation area and found out that dragons had visited our school! We didn’t actually see any but there were lots of signs.

There was a humongous nest with a large purple egg, massive footprints, burnt paper and dead animals! This inspired us to get creative and make dragon heads out of toilet rolls. Because we didn’t actually see a dragon, we used our imagination to think about the colours, horns, eyes and even fire!


Cultural festival

Today, was Two Mile Hill’s sixth cultural festival. The Lord Mayor came along to join us to celebrate the diversity of our school. There was singing from the choir, a show of traditional dress, music from around the world and not to mention the delicious food provided by our school community.


Today in English, we thought about mermaids and mermen, finding out about the legends behind them and what sailors believed. We looked at pictures and used our creative skills to turn pictures of ourselves into mermaids and mermen.

Cutting using saws

This week, we have been learning how to cut wood using a saw safely. We talked about how to hold the saw and wood safely and how to cut a straight line through the wood. We were excited but a little nervous but with practise and help from our teachers, we all had a go at cutting the wood correctly. Some of us had to not give up as our hands were getting a little sore!

Look out for our blog next week to see what we will be making using the skills we have learnt.