On Monday, Year 2 went out into the conservation area armed with plastic boxes, spades and soapy water to try and find some worms. The children were incredibly excited and managed to find a record breaking 37 worms. We brought our new slimy friends back to our classrooms and made a wormery for them so that we could observe these creatures more closely.  Throughout the week in our English lessons, we have been writing a special report about the worms, focusing on their appearance, habitat and diet.

Science investigation

We have been reading a book called ‘Michael Recycle’ which is about the adventures of a young superhero whose power allows him to teach people about recycling. Michael Recycle lives in a particularly rainy place so as part of our Science lessons, our teachers asked us to design a suitable waterproof hat for him.  We had to think carefully about the properties of different materials and how we could test each one to see if it was robust and waterproof enough for a hat.

We used pipettes to drop water onto different types of material. Then, we had to record how many drops of water each material could withstand before it tore. Some materials were much stronger than others!

Flamingo class treat!

In Flamingo class, our target this term has been to improve our listening skills. We have been working very hard to achieve our goal and two weeks ago we reached the top of our ladder! After much deliberation, the children decided that they would like to have a picnic in the classroom with their teddy bears.

All the children had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you to all the parents that sent in food to share, it was very much appreciated!

What’s in your bin?

Our topic this term is ‘What’s in your bin?’

We have been learning about recycling and different materials such as glass, paper, metal and plastic. As part of our homework last week we had to work with a member of our family to design and create a 3D model using rubbish found in our bins.

The children produced some fantastic 3D models and these have been added to our display in the lower hall. Why not come and take a look?




World Book Day!

As part of World Book Day, we have been reading ‘Beware of the Bears!’ by Alan MacDonald. In this story, the three Bears are tired of Goldilocks and her antics, so they decide to teach her a lesson. After discovering where she lives, they go into her house. Mummy and Daddy Bear tango on the table, while Baby Bear splatters cereal all over the kitchen! From room to room, the Bears take their revenge. Until Goldilocks enters, and reveals a disturbing surprise – this isn’t her house!

We have really enjoyed reading this book and some of us decided to dress up as characters from the book for World Book Day.

What do you think of our amazing costumes? Why not leave a comment!