Bin Monsters!

We have read Traction Man meets Turbo Dog. Unfortunately, Traction Man’s pet, Scrubbing Brush was put in the bin because he was covered in mud. Traction Man and his new pet investigated where he had gone and found him in the bin with bin monster! Don’t worry, Traction Man saved his pet and killed the bin monsters.

We made our own bin monsters and then wrote instructions to teach others how to make them. 

Gloucestershire Cricket Board Training

Today, Key Stage One had a visit from Scott who is from Gloucestershire Cricket Board. He talked to us about cricket and played some great games with us which helped us to practise some skills needed to be good at playing cricket.

We practised and improved our speed and reactions, listening skills and team building techniques.

If you would to learn more about cricket and join a cricket club near where you live, visit

‘Have a go’ spelling strategy

In Year 2, as part of the writing process, we use the ‘have a go’ spelling strategy to help us to spell unknown words. When we need to spell an unknown word in our English lessons, we follow 6 simple steps:

1. Ask yourself, have I seen it before?
2. Say the word out loud and count how many syllables it has by clapping out loud.
3. Ask if I know any other words that sound almost the same?
4. How are those words spelt?
5. ‘Have a go’ at the word.
6. Ask yourself, does the word look right? Have additional attempts at getting the word right.

Cardiff Castle

Last week, we went on an incredible school trip to Cardiff Castle to learn all about how castles were built, who lived in them and how to train to become a knight. We were lucky enough to take part in a guided tour and a special workshop where some of us even got to try on real helmets!

This trip has enabled us to learn much more about our topic and will help us with our writing this week.

Thank you to all the parents that came as without them trips like this would not be possible.